Everything This Picture Reminds Me Of


I loved this picture when it was first taken five years ago. Looking at it now, this picture reminds me of a moment in our marriage I try not to think about. Five years ago, Joseph retired from Federal Express. After 20 years as a Fed Ex courier, he was leaving to enter the New…

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Uber Left Me Stranded


 When it comes to late night transportation, I can’t rely on Uber. Have you seen the UBER ads running on TV lately? On YouTube it’s called, “Don’t let Mayor de Blasio strand New Yorkers.” They are asking for support by signing a petition. The deal behind the petition is that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio…

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ANT-MAN is a Superhero for Everyman

Ant-Man is not just a superhero movie. It’s a superhero heist movie with a touch of redemption story. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the screening of “Ant-Man.” Much like last year’s Marvel hit “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Ant-Man,” although not completely obscure, is a character whose fan base is not what you would consider…

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Ant-Man Coloring Pages

Ant-Man Coloring Pages & Fun Facts

Read why Atypical Dad believes Ant-Man is a superhero for everyman. 8 Fun Facts about Ant-Man 1. If you ever wondered how the Ant-Man suit works, here’s the answer. The suit encapsulates the Pym Particle technology that allows a person to shrink down to the size of an ant. When the wearer wants to change…

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