The Perfect Father’s Day Lunch at Blue Smoke

A few years ago I was watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate on The Food Network when Chef Alex Guarnaschelli started talking about a barbecue place in New York. Now typically, I’m not a fan of barbecue. I don’t like to eat messy finger food while out in public. But Chef Alex started talking about these barbecue potato chips with blue cheese bacon dip from a place called Blue Smoke. I was mesmerized by her description. (Seriously, I could listen to that woman talk about food all day long.)

One Saturday afternoon while walking around the city, we were looking for someplace to eat, when I remembered Blue Smoke. We were by Times Square but it was a beautiful Spring day and decided to walk to the Flat Iron District. We ordered the chips, the ribs and the dessert sampler. The chips were everything Chef Alex said and the ribs were well worth getting messy for – trust! 

Since then, Blue Smoke has been our go-to family favorite restaurant. And whenever we’re in the city, Norrin asks to go. We have celebrated so many occasions at Blue Smoke and we always recommend it to friends/family looking for a good place to eat. What we really love about this place (aside from the delectable food) is the way they really cater to kids. All kids get a (unbaked) cookie pig to decorate with sprinkles. At the end of the meal it’s brought out warm and freshly baked. The staff is always friendly and gracious. We’ve never had a bad experience.   

With Father’s Day coming up, I know Joseph will want to hit his favorite barbecue place in NYC. So if there’s a special dad in your life who loves barbecue – Blue Smoke is just the place to treat him to lunch (or dinner)!

What to Order for The Perfect Father’s Day Lunch at Blue Smoke
(in case you’re wondering what we usually order)

We start with the Warm Barbecue Potato Chips (with blue cheese bacon dip). Another favorite starter is the St. Louis Toasted Ravioli (by the piece) 

Joseph and I will share: The Rib Sampler for 2 and the Sweet Potato Wedge Fries (with maple dip)
I love the Lynchburg Lemonade while Joseph enjoys the Porch Swing.

Norrin orders the Mac & Cheese with Fries from the kids menu. 

And for dessert, our favorites are the Banana Cream Pie and the Key Lime Pie.
As many times as we’ve been here, I have hardly any pictures of a full meal. Because once it’s on the table, there’s no talking, texting and Instagramming. It’s all about the food.  
{Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor have we been compensated in any way. We just love eating at Blue Smoke.}
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