Why Atypical Familia?

It’s the first Monday in March and I’m excited to launch my new blog. It’s been a long time coming, actually. After three years of writing AutismWonderland, it is time to move on.

So why Atypical Familia

Maybe I should rewind. 

I never knew there were two kinds of kids: typical and atypical. On the day Norrin was diagnosed with autistic disorder and global development delay, I was given a 20 page evaluation report. The days, weeks, months that followed I sat in meetings with special educational professionals and read book after book about autism. The word that I kept hearing and reading was atypical. Like atypical was this bad thing.

So I believed that it was. And “typical” became the goal.

That was almost six years ago. (Norrin was diagnosed in May, 2008.) The lines between atypical and typical have become blurred. Norrin is our only kid. And when it comes to parenting, autism is all that we know. So atypical is our typical. Autism is our normal.

We are a typical atypical familia. 

We want for our child what every parent wants for their child. Our current goals for Norrin revolve around happiness, compassion, independence and creativity. 

We may be used to autism, but every day is still a new adventure. Because that’s what parenting is. An adventure, with our kid as the tour guide. 

What will Atypical Familia be? 

Our life in writing. What we do. What we love. Where we go. How we feel. The life and times of two typical parents raising an extraordinary kid.

Do you know that I started an #EverydayAutism Photo-a-Day Challenge on Instagram? 
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    I'm soooo very proud of you, hermana! You truly have worked hard to not only create a great life for Norrin, but also encourage others through your journey as a family. Love you!! Can't wait to read more. <3

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