The Countdown To Disney World & Star Wars™ Weekends Begins! #FamiliaTravels

Back in 2011 we went to Disney World for the very first time and I’ve been waiting/longing/hoping to return. And in just 31 days…we will! I am so excited because some of our very best memories were made at the Magic Kingdom and Disney Parks. And now that Norrin is older, I know he’ll have more fun.
And so the countdown to Disney begins. 31 more days…
This time we’re staying at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Which Norrin is super excited about – it’s our first time staying at a Disney resort. Norrin loves drawing and Disney so we were looking at resorts, we knew the Art of Animation was the place for us. Norrin keeps looking at You Tube videos and saying he wants to stay at the Cozy Cone. And I’m excited about staying in the Little Mermaid room.
We’ll also be there for Star Wars™ Weekends! Joseph is ecstatic about that especially since Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) will be making his very first appearance the very weekend we are there. I may swoon upon meeting him.
The last time we went to Disney, I carefully planned for months. This time around, I’m kind of doing everything last minute. (SO unlike me!) And I’m also using the My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World app to keep track of my reservations and plan my days. It’s so cool because it has all of the Disney Parks information and maps on my phone. And once I’m at the Parks, I can check for character and attraction times, make reservations and see wait times for rides — SUPER IMPORTANT when your kid has autism and may have difficulty waiting on long lines. (Last time we used the Disability Assistance Card, not sure how the new system works or if we’ll even use it.) The Disney World app has made preparation for my trip a little bit easier.
It’s been 3 years since Norrin’s been on a plane and I’m hoping things go well. We’re trying to prepare him as much as we can. But it’s hard because every morning he asks “Are we going to Disney World today?” And then I have to say, “Nope. Not today. In June.” And then we talk about what month we’re in and the day of the week.
We really need this vacation. It’s been such a long winter. We’ve had so much going on. And we haven’t been anywhere as a family in years. I think we deserve a few days of fun. And Disney is sure to give us exactly what we need.
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    Put up a calender and have him mark off the days that way he has a visual reminder we did this with our son whom is autistic and it worked great we are at Disney now just got back from magic kingdom since 8:30 a.m.


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