My Summer Bucket List: 15 Things To See & Do in NYC

After the long winter, I am especially excited for this summer. We’ve already been on our vacation but living in New York provides the perfect stay cation. As a kid, my mom used to take us everywhere. There wasn’t a site in the city we didn’t see or explore. Being a working mom and since Norrin has an extended school year, we have to take advantage of weekends and the three week summer break. But I want Norrin 
Bear Mountain. We used to go to Bear Mountain all the time as a kid. But Norrin’s never been. It’s a great place for picnicking and hiking. 
Dairy Queen. Okay, I’ve never had an ice cream from Diary Queen. I feel cheated. A DQ just opened its first New York City location and so it’s on the list. We’re going. Will happily take suggestions…
Prospect Park. We so rarely head into Brooklyn but there’s quite a lot I want to see and explore there. Prospect Park & the Zoo is one of them.  
The Highline. I really want to do this. I don’t know how interested Norrin will be doing this – but I still want him to have the experience. 
Ellis Island. I love history and learning about New York. I’ve been wanting to visit Ellis Island for years, ever since I was a little girl. (It was never open to the public.) 
The Statue of Liberty. Another place from my childhood, that Norrin’s never seen. We don’t have to go to the top (I’d rather not, actually since I’m terrified of heights.) but I want him to see this iconic New York landmark up close. 
9/11 Museum & Memorial. I used to work near the World Trade Center. My aunt had a beauty salon in one of the Towers. I spent many summer days, at her salon. And I can’t tell you how many times, we took the elevator to the top. September 11th was one of the saddest days in New York. I haven’t had the heart to visit the memorial but I know it’s something I want to share with Norrin. He’s too young to understand the devastation and the loss but I still want us to pay our respects. 
Central Park Zoo. I walk through Central Park all the time but I haven’t been inside the zoo since I was a kid. I think Norrin would like it. And since it’s much smaller, it wouldn’t be as overwhelming as The Bronx Zoo.
Coney Island. It’s just not summer in New York without a trip to Coney Island and walking along the boardwalk. I want cotton candy and a Nathan’s hot dog. 
Yankee Stadium. We’ve been to a Met Game at Citi Field but yet to attend a Yankee Game. I’m not crazy about baseball but Norrin is showing more of an interest, so I want to nurture it as much as possible.  
Circle Line. I don’t typically like boats, but I want Norrin to experience New York. The Circle Line is part of that. What better place to be a tourist than New York.   
Transit Museum. Norrin LOVES trains. He loves watching them, riding them and reading about them. The Transit Museum is a MUST SEE/DO for us this summer. 
The Hayden Planetarium. We named Norrin after two space heroes. And Norrin has taken an interest in planets and Joseph loves all things science and space. And on a hot, humid summer day, the museum is perfect for cooling off. 
The Museum of Mathematics. I heard about this place a while back. It’s supposed to be great for kids and I think Norrin will enjoy it. It’s on East 26th Street. I can see us spending a Sunday morning at MoMath and having lunch at our favorite spot
Wave Hill. There are so many stereotypes when it comes to The Bronx but it’s really a beautiful place to live. I’ve never been to Wave Hill but I hear so many wonderful things about it. I want Norrin to know that The Bronx has beauty and culture. 
What’s on your summer bucket list?

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